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The Florida Department of Health in Collier County (DOH-Collier) is reminding all parents to begin preparing their students for school now to avoid the back-to-school rush. Collier County students will start school on Wednesday, August 16, 2017.  To avoid the long lines and extended waiting periods, DOH-Collier encourages parents and caregivers to check the immunization status and school requirements for their children, and visit your local health department or private healthcare provider as soon as possible.

The Department of Health in Collier County, Collier Mosquito Control District, and Collier County Government are all working together to prevent the spread of Zika virus in our community. You can help as well. The best way to prevent Zika virus is to prevent mosquito bites. A bottle cap of water left standing for one week is enough for mosquitoes to breed. Remember to Drain and Cover! No standing water, wear bug repellent, and wear protective clothing.